Covid-19 Update

Well I hope you are doing ok? Crazy times in the world. Like many things, all of my shows are cancelled until things clear up. I'm safe and healthy at home thus far with my family.

I have a fun schedule of music for the summer scheduled. We'll just have to wait and see how much of it i get to do?

In the meantime I have been working on recording original material at home. Making some videos! Also doing some writing and learning some new cover material. A great time to do these things! I just got started with a new recording project with Mark Wayne at Clear Blue Studios prior to the Covid-19 crisis. That project is on hold also until things clear up.

I'm doing a few Facebook Live shows from home and enjoying that! 

I'll share a video I just made of the song "Scared". I wrote the song in 2013. Just finally recorded it in early April of this year at home. It wasn't written about Covid-19, but I'm experiencing many of the same feelings now. Maybe you are also?

Well that's it for now. Take care, and I hope to be out doing some live shows soon!


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